If you just want to get started in sound engineering, or come back to it after a while, our Sound Engineering classes will help any amateur up their game. The three sessions will cover a range of topics to get you up to speed and give you the skills and confidence to work a live sound scenario. There are several ways of learning, but here we believe ‘hands-on’ is the only way to get the best results. With a detailed programme and opportunity to put the lessons into practise in a real live sound environment, this is a great introduction to sound engineering.
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Basic Sound Engineering

Here we will teach you the basics about sound engineering. Whether you have never tried before, or returning to it we will get you working your system in no time. This class will introduce you to the key components to get you engineering with confidence. With access to our production studio you can practise techniques if you don’t have a place to work.

Book Basic Basic Sound Engineering

Intermediate Sound Engineering

Here we will teach you about important environments and how to best get your sound working. We will look at different types of set-ups and how they can affect the overall sound.

Book Intermediate Sound Engineering

Advanced Sound Engineering

Here we will teach you about advanced sound engineering techniques as employed by the pros. We will challenge you to solve live sound issues and work with real artists/ musicians in a real world environment.

Book Advanced Sound Engineering